Now available: CD "Dialogues" 

with Wieland Kuijken and Fred Jacobs

10/10 in classical music magazine "Luister"
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 "Luister" classical music magazine review, january '16
It's already a year since I wrote a 4-star review about a live performance from Mieneke van der Velden and Fred Jacobs. That performance centred around Marin Marais, the shoemaker's son who played viola da gamba in the Court of Versailles "like an angel" - according to contemporary reports. Undoubtedly the same reporters would have attributed the same angel-like qualities to Mieneke van der Velden and her immaculate sound production and eloquent phrasing. Mieneke van der Velden writes that "it is remarkable that Marais wrote only two suites for two gambas and continuo in all his five books of Pieces de Viole". The scoring of the suites (in D minor and G major from Book 1) gives light to the recording's title, "Dialogues". The second gambist is no other than Mieneke van der Veldens old teacher, Wieland Kuijken, who rediscovered the technique of the viola da gamba in the last century and is renound as one of its foremost interpreters. Already in the first bars of the d minor Prelude shivers are sent down ones spine. Grave and wistful bowstrokes are subtly supported by the dark colours of Fred Jacobs theorbo playing. The "Fantasie en écho" in G major is a gem for it's apparent simplicity. And the ten-minute-long "Tombeau," with its stateliness, rich ornamentation and modesty makes for a touching end to the recording.

Margaretha Coornstra, 'Luister' classical music magazine

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